III Worlds Music

III WORLDS MUSIC writes, produces, performs, and licenses diverse styles of music. III WORLDS MUSIC creates, collaborates, and produces pop, rock, alternative, R&B, dance, hip-hop, classical, orchestral, country, world, funk, and jazz compositions, scores, & soundscapes.   

GENRE Bending & Blending.


FILM Music

Dramatic, orchestral themes with majestic choral melodies.  

Music with an EDGE

 Guitar Blazing, Pulse Pounding, Hard Rockin', Blues Infused tracks. 


Soothing melodies with lush, memorable string arrangements. 

Dance - EDM

Hypnotic, Electro-Pop tracks with everything from 80's style synths to pulsating, rhythmic percussion.


Urban Pop, Soulful Rhythms, and Powerhouse Vocal Tracks. 

Hip Hop - RAP

New Hip-Hop Classics featuring Emerging Masters to Genre-busting Icons.