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Death by Lipstick Productions is a music production and consulting company. DBL specializes in Innovative Artist Development. The company's focus is on the empowerment of it's Artists. Our goal is to increase growth/outreach for our clients.

Death By Lipstick is committed and supports the development & implementation of charitable programs and community outreach for Music and the Arts. DBL is currently involved in the advancement of a Non-Profit Program for Music & the Arts.

Death By Lipstick Productions offers production packages and consultation services. DBL's services include non- exclusive ownership agreements, copyrights, promotions, and song placement.

Jaunty Meek -CEO / President


Jaunty Meek is CEO/President & Founder of Death By Lipstick Productions LLC (DBL) - Artist Innovation through Music Production & Artist Development. The all-woman team includes Vice President, Kianna Ryan. DBL has a number of strategic partnerships and alliances from around the world. The company values the artist/client relationship. Helping artists to not only find their own voice, but develop a platform-is critical in today's industry. DBL's goal is to inspire it's clients to do more, engage more. DBL wants each artist to obtain and embrace their true potential.  

Stewart Artist Management

Tom Stewart


Tom Stewart - Owner  Stewart Artist Managent / Stewart Entertainment

Stewart Artist Management / Stewart Entertainment:
Is a family run firm, built around the success of the artists we represent. Our resourceful team works diligently & relentlessly for our artists. We create exciting strategies using grass roots movements, Street teams, internet, booking, social media, videos and recording, just to name a few.
The diligent work ethics of the Stewart Entertainment Team keeps our roster represented at the highest caliber of production. 

We are always looking for other talented artists to work with (currently, Metro Detroit area only). 

Please feel free to submit any information via email at 

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Contact the following:
Tom Stewart - Owner




HelloSounds was created by Robert Windpony to humanize composers who make quality music and have catalogs of full length compositions ready for use in film and TV. 

HelloSounds Select Composers have hundreds of credits and won numerous awards. Contact HelloSounds today, select one or more team members, and choose from the wide range of genres of available songs. Allen Lynch and Randy Lynch of III WORLDS MUSIC are proud to be a part of HelloSounds.





Asylum Metro Music

Asylum Metro Music


Asylum Metro Music (AMM) - formerly Metro Music. Metro Music has teamed up with the great folks at Asylum International to bring you the all-new Asylum Metro Music

We are proud to support local, underground and national artists alike. 

Here at AMM, our goal is to get your name and product out to the masses, to make people aware of upcoming events and encourage them to purchase your products!

Brand New


Metro Music's goal in coming together with Asylum, and in forming Asylum Music, is to broaden our musical offerings and related products. Of course, we’ll continue to cover all of the best local shows and releases just as before. What’s going to change and make us even better…is now we’ll be able to include many of the exciting offerings available from the Asylum family of companies. The combined musical suite of products will be available to all of you and promoted nationally via the best platforms and tools. 

Keep Us Posted


We’ve been working hard to achieve our goal of having the entire Asylum / Metro Music combination completed and launched within the next few weeks. We want to express our appreciation to all of you who have shared in our successes and continue to support our growth. Please keep the emails coming and send us links to any and all music related items you currently are finding of interest. Everyone at Asylum Music is looking forward to bringing you the absolute best of breakthrough new music releases, show offerings and other great (and, maybe slightly crazy) items.

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